Photo Rights

If you're active on Instagram or Facebook, then you've already seen how we share and re-share many of your posts on our platforms. Currently, we ask for rights for each individual image of yours that we would like to use. If you give us rights approval now, then we can bypass that step and use your posts across all our platforms for the long-term.

Please include your Facebook and/or Instagram URL below

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How does Explore Elk Grove get user-generated content?

We use CrowdRiff!

Your business is part of what makes our destination so great, and we love showcasing you on our own social and digital channels!

CrowdRiff is the visual marketing platform we use to manage our photo library. By granting us, long-term rights above. you give us access to re-share your posts. However, you can share even more content with us like stories, photos you're tagged in, and photos that mention you by simply connecting your Instagram Business Account through this link:

Connecting your account just gives us a shortcut to discover your public content. It will save us time from slowly looking through Instagram and requesting rights for individual photos. 

When you connect, we will see your Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, and posts you are tagged or @mentioned in. We won’t get your personal information, Instagram or Facebook insights or data, or the ability to post on your behalf.

Your content will only be shared if we choose to use one of your photos or videos in our marketing. This could be on our website, in a gallery, on our own social channels, or in our marketing materials, like our visitor’s guide. If we decide to use your photos, we’ll make sure to send a request to the original creator asking for their permission first.

As a reminder, you’ll need an Instagram Business Account to connect. If you don’t already have one, it’s really easy (and beneficial!) to convert your account. If you require technical assistance, email The team at CrowdRiff is very helpful.

Thank you for your continued partnership!

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